A Citizens Intelligence Report – The Death of the Daily Show, an End to the Collusion Myth

The latest episode of “The Daily Show” is a compilation of clips that go through evidences in the Russia scandal called “The Creme de la Kremlin II”. Doing a full dissection of this episode shows just how convoluted the Russian investigation has become with respect to collusion. I do a great deal to expand upon the information dispensed in the show, providing context and sources for all material used. Please don't get me wrong, I fell in love with politics because of Jon Stewart and no one else. Now I watch out of nostalgia. Its been a long battle, but I can officially call The Daily Show dead. Enjoy the contents of this final autopsy. All dates are in 2016 unless otherwise specified.


  • The first piece of evidence- Trump Jr and staff meet with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya, for incriminating information on Hillary Clinton.

However, the lawyer was working directly with FusionGPS, got the information to be dispensed from FusionGPS, and FusionGPS met with her before and after the meeting. The meeting was about 20 minutes, the information was financial and about tax evasion from Democratic donors; Trump Jr did reject the information.


In addition to this, the lawyer had worked for FusionGPS previously in representing Prevezon, a Russian energy company, against Justice Department charges of money laundering.


She also worked with FusionGPS to lobby against the Magnitsky Act, which imposed sanctions on Russia, and that was actually the major point of the meeting. Trump Jr says on the Magnitsky Act “Looking ahead, if we come to power, we can return to this issue and think what to do about it,”


This was more of a lobbying effort than anything else. The lawyer was also given special permission to enter the US by the Justice Department, after first being denied entrance on the grounds of attending an appellate court hearing for Prevezon. She was then let in to attend capitol hill hearings and give a talk against Russian sanctions after a movie viewing in DC. This was before an investigation was opened.

Where did the information come from, why is that relevant, who is it about specifically? The compromising information came from a FusionGPS investigation into Bill Browder, who alleges the information presented is false. Bill Browder was a huge proponent of the Magnitsky Act.


Things get weird here. First to brush up on Sergei Magnitsky. He was an auditor at a Moscow law firm hired to investigate a Russian conspiracy to steal business owned by Bill Browder through his conglomerate Hermitage Capital Management, an American firm which was one of the largest investment companies in Russia. Sergei was then imprisoned and murdered because he discovered that the allegations of theft and bribery against actors of government-owned companies made by Bill Browder were true.


Bill Browder is an American who started an investment company (with a partner) to invest in Russia after their 1998 financial crisis during a period of privatization through Hermitage Capital Management. After Bill began outing and searching out corrupt actors at government run companies in order to justifiably protect his investments, he was barred from the country and companies owned by Hermitage were either blacklisted or literally stolen by police and criminal groups. The result is the ordeal with Sergei, and inevitably sanctions from the US, Canada, and EU against actors suspected to be involved in the crimes and associated businesses under the Magnitsky Act, and a lawsuit seeking to retrieve some of the $230 million dollars in back taxes owed to the US.


Trevor makes fun of Trump Jr's claim of not quite knowing who he was meeting, or what info he would be getting. On screen they display an email from Rob Goldstone - explicitly stating no involvement with Donald Trump at all, and that no information had been passed to Trump. In the emails, it also demonstrates that no mention of lobbying about the Magnitsky Act was made or who would be presenting information.


The problem is, Trump Jr was mislead about the info he might get, lied to about the source of the information, was not told who he was meeting, and was not told the Magnitsky Act would be discussed. Trump Jr's retort is that the campaign is in full swing, he gets TONS of unsubstantiated claims like this but since it seemed credible he wanted to hear it for himself, he claims it was waste of 20 minutes, and he barely remembered the exchange. Aside from maybe the last claim, it all checks out as true based on his emails, the info reported by NBC, and by Natalia's own testimony of the event. Trevor then makes fun of him some more, but makes no point at all while failing to delve into the fact that they flat out rejected the “incriminating” information. Also making no note of the fact the information had nothing to do with Hillary Clinton at all. Unless... One's attention were drawn to Hillary Clinton's involvement in the passage of the Magnitsky Act. As it turns out, Hillary was actively against passing the act.


Also at the time, a mysterious figure named Bill Clinton would then participate in a question and answer session at a Russian investment bank at risk of being sanctioned. He would be paid $500,000 and receive a personal call from Vladimir Putin as a thank you.


Let be clear right here, from the case of US Representative Jane Harman, that “pay to play” or bribery does NOT mean that a person has to personally benefit financially. If JB Pritzker were to say “donate to my charity and I'll be nice to you” its bribery. In the words of the Godfather “that day may never come”, but whenever there is an appearance of a conflict of interest, the people cannot take it on faith that money and influence does not corrupt. Especially when events just happen to coincide with each other. The example is Rep Harman. She agreed to lobby the Justice Department to reduce or drop charges against two AIPAC lobbyist in exchange for increased support for her bid to chair a House Committee. Harman had zero ability to affect the decision in any way, aside from being able to present a case to people she knew who could affect that decision. She was then shielded from any prosecution even though some lawyers at the DOJ claimed they could pursue criminal charges, because she was qued in on and a large supporter of the warrantless wire tapping program going on in secret at the time.


At the end of all this, the Trump team made a standard, non-committal platitude statement of “if we win, then maybe we can talk about it” and rejected information that was completely unrelated to Clinton. On the other hand, FusionGPS sent a foreign lobbyist to them under false pretenses, with potentially fabricated information explicitly targeted at discrediting Russian sanctions. FusionGPS is potentially guilty of two crimes here. Lobbying as an unregistered agent of a foreign government, and providing information to a foreign government with the intention of undermining the foreign policy of a sitting US president.


  • The second piece of evidence: Trump asked Putin about hacking the DNC, and Putin denied it TWICE!

This is actually makes sense, the Russian government did not hack the DNC, the Russians likely hacked John Podesta's email on March 19th in a phishing attack.


Of course, the assertion is about the DNC leaks, not the Podesta leaks. This has been a long point of contention, with many people twisting Papadopoulos' knowledge of Russians having Hillary's emails with implying Russians hacked the DNC. The timeline does not work for that story. Papadopoulos learned about "stolen emails" from a London based Maltese professor who helped Malta get into the EU, on April 26th.


Papadopoulos knowing of Hillary's emails being "hacked" will later be used as proof for the DNC "hack" being Russian. Upon closer inspection, the DNC leaks occurred after May 25th as emails dated up to May 25th were included.


The connection with Hillary's emails comes from the fact that Hillary is in email exchanges in the Podesta emails, making the claim "Russia had Hillary's emails" certainly true. So then the DNC leaks, this is where it all gets weird again. A recent article surfaced claiming that the Dutch equivalent of the NSA had infiltrated a Cozy Bear hacking group in Russia and was overseeing their computer systems.


The issue is that the article spends considerable time detailing info about a 2014 State Department hack by Russians, info for which had just been made public. This hack is a phishing attempt, where people were working real time on either side to take control of hardware.


The claim is that a western intelligence agency tipped them off to the State Department hack. But the Dutch article is ambiguous about the time period the Dutch had surveillance, putting a 1-2.5 year range on it, meaning it only verifies the claim of monitoring of the State Department hack. In addition the claim is based on fully anonymous sources. A random mix of six American and Dutch who are knowledgeable about the issue. The article also never states that these six figures confirmed they monitored the DNC hack. If they were, why was the DNC not tipped off like in 2014? In fact, the only piece of information the article explicitly confirms is that Dutch intelligence tipped off the State Department of a hacking attempt in 2014. They explicitly state that's its possible, through the ambiguity of the 1-2.5 year window, that they did not see this occur. According to CrowdStrike, Cozy Bear malware had been on the DNC servers since summer 2015 and Fancy Bear malware appeared in April 2016. CrowdStrike software was installed on May 11th. This means that a “hack” occurred while CrowdStrike was monitoring the servers. In addition to that, the NSA has released details outlining the Podesta hack including the number of emails sent, targets, and times; while offering no evidence of this attack.


This of course is possible because all overseas internet traffic is collected regardless, however no details have been released about this hack which occurred from overseas in Russia. On top of all that is the fact that the FBI never examined the servers despite multiple requests


The servers were then destroyed


We now see that the timeline for a hack does not add up, justification for withholding evidence of the hack does not add up. On top of all that is the fact that the Fancy Bear software that CrowdStrike claims to have removed used a hardcoded IP address which had been shut down in 2015. This malware could not have been the source of the leak as it would have sent the information nowhere. Had the Cozy Bear malware been responsible, evidence could have been presented by Dutch intelligence. None exists.


CrowdStrike, claiming the source as Fancy Bear, suggests it is the same malware used in an attack in Germany on the Bundestag. This was a phishing attack as well. If the DNC were a phishing attack, as in the case of John Podesta or the Bundestag, the NSA would be able to corroborate this with hard evidence of emails, times, and targets. Using this type forensic data, Germany was able to trace the source of the phishing attack by Fancy Bear through emails and outgoing communications made by their hacked computer systems. Once again, no evidence as such had been produced in the DNC hack.


And now the story is further confounded, being that three US intelligence agencies cited only Fancy Bear as the source of the hack while the Dutch claim cites Cozy Bear. Confounding the Fancy Bear claim is the fact that the hardcoded French IP in the Fancy Bear malware was unlisted in May 2015, meaning the malware would be attempting to communicate with Fancy Bear surrogate servers in France, but couldn't without a receiving connection, not to mention the fact the Dutch article clearly blames Cozy Bear exclusively.


Now there's multiple conflicting claims of responsibility, both of which allege the DNC was hacked after CrowdStrike had its best anti-malware protection software installed. CrowdStrike would only replicated the data they took from the servers and turn over their research to the FBI. CrowdStrike, who was invested in heavily by a top Clinton donor, Eric Schmidt through Google Capital


This is an Eric Schmidt who was already heavily involved with the Clintons as far back as 2008 when he allowed them to borrow Google's private jet, and provided the campaign a detailed plan to use data analytics in the presidential election, while potentially attempting to run Alphabet companies in a biased way.


Schmidt has also funded startups heavily relied on by the Democrats and the DNC to perform said analytics work.


Whether its research on sugar, funded by the sugar industry; research on lead, funded by the lead industry; research on cigarettes, funded by the tobacco industry; or research on climate change, funded by the fossil fuel industry; no one should believe it until it can be independently corroborated. Multiple independent reports conflict with the official story from three intelligence agencies. What can we conclude after all this? There is no way to reasonably assert the Russia hack the DNC emails. This even all ignores the fact that NSA whistleblower Bill Binny has claimed that on the Wikileaks end, metadata time stamps indicate the data transfer could only have occurred over a local connection, most likely onto a flashdrive.


Included in the assessment performed by the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, who first formed to oppose the false information being pushed in the lead up the Iraq war, was an assessment of a follow up leak by the elephant in the room, Guccifer 2.0. They claim the follow up leak was copy pasted into a Russian word document in order to disguise the leak as appearing Russian. That leak contained little information that would be considered relevant aside from the negative way the DNC told members to deal with Black Lives Matter, info on donors, financial documents, and opposition research; they were quite mild compared to the DNC leaks.


Guccifer 2.0 would later interview with VICE over Twitter. In the interview he refuses to explain how he performed the hack in his supposed native language, Romanian. His Romanian is very poor, he apparently speaks no Russian, yet apparently speaks fluent English. This seems strange for an allegedly Romanian hacker, in Romania, who was working for the Russian government. His description of the hack is very vague, but claims he first infiltrated the network over a year prior, seeming to correspond to the entrance of Cozy Bear not Fancy Bear. He claims he exited the network when CrowdStrike fully rebooted all software on July 12th.


Guccifer 2.0 would then go on the release fake documents about the Clinton Foundation, already leaked information, and publicly available information.


Guccifer 2.0 does not resurface. Evidence alleging the Pelosi leak, and Clinton Foundation leak is never released. According to Guccifer himself, Guccifer 2.0 is a sham. There is at least 4 stories all claimed to be true whilst all conflicting with each other. Who leaked the DNC emails? Some might say Seth Rich, who died on June 7th 5 days before the “hackers” were finally fully purged, but even for those not willing to make that admission, its clear that there is no evidence to indicate the DNC emails resulted from a Russian hack. The US government claims it was Fancy Bear, whose malware was to old to have sent out data, CrowdStrike never claims to have any evidence of outgoing data even though their security program was installed during the leak period in direct contradiction to how evidence for the Bundestag leak was acquired. Dutch intelligence, allegedly, claims it was Cozy Bear, while not providing any details. The media has claimed it was Guccifer 2.0, who does not speak Russian or Romanian but does speak fluent English, yet is somehow a hacker from Romania tied to Russians who uses Russian word processing. On top of this, Guccifer 2.0 claimed a zero day exploit was used in the hack, however the details of the zero day exploit were ever released, nor has the software provider offered an explanation or updates. Fancy Bear and Cozy Bear are known for NOT using zero day exploits but EXCLUSIVELY phishing attacks. Essentially none of this makes sense, unless Guccifer 2.0 is simply a fabrication to deny and sow deception. Two leaks were claimed to establish credibility, a third was made to destroy that credibility. Not to mention the first leak was made anonymously to Wikileaks only to be claimed days later, while the second two were not leaked anonymously. Guccifer 2.0's documents were also altered and partially fabricated. If Guccifer 2.0 was a hacktivist as claimed, why put out altered information in a third leak for no reason and discredit yourself? If Guccifer was a hacktivist, why not use the zero day exploit on more systems used by Democrats? Why did Guccifer 2.0 only release details that were publicly available about the “hack”, limited exclusively to corroborating CrowdStrike's public narrative, while never offering any insights into the ordeal that had not already been revealed to the media


At this point there are so many questions and zero evidence in three separate “hacks”. The only explanation which does not contradict itself is the data being a theft by Seth Rich, claimed by Guccifer 2.0 and an attempt was made to discredit him and distract further from this possible explanation.

To dig deeper? Dmitri Alperovich is the founder CrowdStrike and a member of the Atlantic Council, which essentially serves as a NATO think tank with a strong bias toward anti-Russian Ukrainians. The Atlantic Council has awarded Hillary Clinton in the past as well as hosting post coup Ukraine president Arseniy Yatsenyuk many times. Trump has appointed Tom Bossart as a Homeland Security adviser from his spot on the Atlantic Council's Cyber Security Initiative and Jon Huntsman as the US ambassador to Russia from his spot as Atlantic Council Chair. Jon Huntsman has served in every presidential administration since Reagan.


It also boasts $10-25 million Clinton Foundation donor Victor Pinchuk, a Ukrainian billionaire who also paid a $150,000 speaking fee to the Trump Foundation. Victor is a close friend of Hillary Clinton, being invited to Clinton's personal residence during her tenure as Secretary of State.


On a FOIA request for information about the hack, it was revealed that there were 29 pages of “evidence.” Only two were released. The pages cited open source information acquired on the internet, but are heavily redacted. On top of that, it is revealed that CrowdStrike falsified a report done on Russian hacking activities in Ukraine. CrowdStrike claimed the Russians hacked Ukrainian artillery and used geolocation to coordinate strikes with “rebels” on artillery positions. This report was denied in its entirety by the Ukrainian government. The IISS also denied this report, the claim of CrowdStrike being that the Russians had hacked into IISS devices. No follow up evidence to prove CrowdStrike's claim has ever been provided



  • Evidence number three, Trevor then asserts Putin was a KGB spy, therefore Trump can't trick him just by asking twice, in different ways, if Russia hacked the DNC.

This is gas lighting. It implies Russia did "hack" the emails and that Putin is lying, despite the presentation of no evidence to that conclusion. This enforces the association that Putin is lying no matter what, even though he told the truth about chemical weapons use by the Syrian government, while the US claimed Assad had used chemical weapons. As it turns out, the US never had any evidence to support this conclusion. Glad you trust US intelligence?



  • Evidence number four, Putin says Trump is an open person, Trump legally gave a state secret to the Russians, which Trevor implies is a bad thing.

President Trump told Russians about intelligence about a suspected ISIS bombing plot. This is absolutely legal, as the President can declassify anything he knows, and Trump did not disclose the source.


However, good journalists would later find out the source was Israeli intelligence, which the Russians admittedly could have figured out themselves.


Russia would later go on to thwart an ISIS related terror attack, offering the US and Trump thanks for the intelligence they provided


One could say this was a “reset”, something championed by Bush and Obama, to intelligence sharing after Russians did not tip off US officials about possible info on the Boston Marathon bomber.


While this did “change” Israel's intelligence sharing program with the US, the premise of Trevor's argument is flawed. If the intelligence prevented an attack and saved human lives, why would this be a bad thing, and how does this assert collusion in anything but preventing terrorism?

  • Evidence five, Russia is using Facebook and Twitter to divide America

Accounts “linked to Russian bot farms” posted, liked, shared, and retweeted memes, many of which had false information. If you know anything about reddit, 4chan, imgur, twitter, or Facebook; you know that most memes are false. Many have miss attributed quotes, scientific inaccuracies, fake statistics... These were no different. One popularly “misleading” meme is a comedian holding up a photo shopped sign telling people to vote on Twitter. If this fooled anyone, I'm glad it did. There was a fake Trump rally that never happened. People saying things like “I love you” to Trump. More memes where you can vote by text, repeat from above. One claims a fake statistic where a high number of veterans hate Hillary. These memes are no more or less trustful than your average meme online. Besides the point is the fact some were pure political memes. To those who may not know what that means, it refers to a picture and joke combo that will only be funny to a person of a particular political opinion.


This is as concerning as every other fake meme that gets posted, but the only thing special about these fake memes is that they were posted by Russian accounts. They could have been NRA bots, or Hillary bots from Correct the Record which were rampant online. Fake news came from all over during the election and a lot of it can amount to click bait used for ad revenue, including negative fake news about Hillary from American Hillary supporters. Of course this has absolutely nothing to do with Trump, so Trevor's point of Russian collusion has nothing to do with this bit.



  • Evidence six, Trump was upset Sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation, and he would not have appointed him if he knew that would have happened.

This is a case of Jeff Sessions doing the right thing. If Trump is innocent, he could rightfully be upset. The only thing it is indicative of is the fact that Trump desires complete control. He's like that with just about everything. This is absolutely PAR for the course that is Trump. Anyone else? Yes the behavior looks bad, but this is Trump being Trump. Its well documented by Comey that Trump wants loyalty from everyone. Look up any instance of a Trump associate talking about Mr. Trump himself. Nothing but the highest praise possible, every single time, no matter what. This is a baseless accusation at best.


  • Evidence seven, the Senate (98-2) wants sanctions AND the ability to stop Trump from lifting them

The problem is, the EU is pissed!


Things actually get deeper here. The goal of NATO for some time now has been to destroy the fossil fuel industry in Russia by facilitating pipelines from the middle east to Europe. The reason being, to destabilize the economy of Russia, which is largely dependent on fossil fuels and in competition with Ukraine over the majority of the European market.


This delves a little deeper into Syria, the root cause of our conflict with Russia today. Never get distracted from this. Outside of Ukraine, the main point of issue is Syria. The Ukraine issue is both similar and unlike Nazi Germany taking the Sudetenland. Similar in the “public support” and “invitation of an invasion”, but dissimilar in just about every other way. Russia has never made a single move outside of maintaining strategic economic territories and resources, this is true in Syria, Georgia, and Ukraine. This is no different than over 150 years of US foreign policy, and is not a reason to be afraid of the “next Hitler”. US gunboat diplomacy caused the rise of Imperial Japan, US lead debt burdening of Germany created the Nazis, the US overthrew governments in Panama to maintain control of the Panama canal, overthrew governments in Iran to maintain oil assets (around the time we were making nuclear threats against a non-nuclear Soviet Union). This is nothing different from what the US is currently doing to this day. Claiming anything else is called “American Exceptionalism”, the thought that when the US does something, it is somehow different. While in the middle of seven wars over natural resources, we want to criticize another country for being involved in a war over natural resources. Besides this, we have otherwise maintained relations with countries much worse than Russia in this regard, say Saudi Arabia and Great Britain; not to mention we actually instituted regime change in Ukraine while expanding NATO to the Russian border, both US promises broken. Remember that world has changed. We used to fight wars over kings and religion, now we fight wars over resources and strategic territories. Which is why fossil fuels and Syria are the real point. Once Bashar Al Assad refused to allow a pipeline through Syria, we began helping to organize armed uprising against Russia's ally. Empowering, as we did in Ukraine with neo-Nazis, the worst elements and pushing the war on terror forward into another chapter.


If anyone has any doubts about Syria, Let Seymour Hersh catch you up.


After missing all this, Trevor explains that Russia then retaliates by cutting US staff, taking a diplomatic house in Russia, and a storage facility. As anyone educated in this can see, it goes MUCH deeper than Trump. Its to prevent a pipeline that would allow Russia to increase their EU market share at the expense of Ukraine's. As outlined previously, the actors involved with CrowdStrike have previously attempted anti-Russian psy-ops, and now the opposition to a Russian pipeline is being predicated on information provided by CrowdStrike, who has a clear anti-Russian bias.

  • Evidence eight, the Clinton dossier claim of pee pee, oh and Hillary is here.

Trevor immediately asks if there's a difference between the supposed “collusion” with the Russian lawyer and paying for information from Hillary's team. Hillary responds "Of course there is, and I think most serious people understand that,” which is clearly gas lighting. Trump's activities fall into legitimate opposition research as collusion implies something illegal, but Hillary bought false information which is not opposition research, so great question Trevor. Hillary then claims someone else started the research into Trump, who was a Republican, and FusionGPS came to the Clinton campaign and asked if they would like the research to continue. This is gas lighting again as it asserts the Trump dossier legitimate based on that fact. It is a typical Clinton misrepresentation of the truth on PAR with Bill's “it depends on what the definition of the word 'is' is”. The Clinton campaign did hire FusionGPS to continue opposition research into Trump, but the Trump dossier was written by Christopher Steele, who was hired by FusionGPS after FusionGPS was hired by the Clinton campaign.

Hillary then goes on to claim her lawyer said it was opposition research and he's a lawyer so he knows. Which is gas lighting again, because Steele was clearly not giving opposition research. Steele was given money to produce a report of lies. Really, the Russians had blackmail on Trump and just gave it up? Nonsense. She proceeds to complain that the FBI did not acknowledge the investigation into Trump which at that point was based on Papadopoulos claim of knowledge of the Podesta hack, Steele's made up dossier, Sidney “Birther” Blumenthal's dossier, and the word of a supposed go between for the “Shadow Broker” in the CIA/NSA's attempt to buy back the vault seven leaks from someone who was trying to drive up the price with information about Trump being a Russian agent. No information was ever recovered, but everything in regard to the deal is classified and will remain classified. The contents of the Vault Seven leaks are classified, and the existence of Vault Seven is classified. Therefore it cannot be discussed or acknowledged publicly, giving a permanent “classified” cover to the Trump investigation. Vault Seven being the name of the file containing all the CIA/NSA hacking exploits which was leaked and weaponized in the “WANNACRY” malware.


  • Evidence nine, Mueller issues first indictments for Paul Manafort and Richard Gates. They threw the book at them!

No mention of Rick Gates is actually made, one would assume for purposes of time. This is actually the best evidence for collusion yet. Could these two have been bad actors? Absolutely they were. If they were Russian agents, it proved impossible for them to get far since the FBI had been surveilling them since 2014 under a FISA warrant. This starts to get weird. Again. In April, Papadopoulos hears a rumor that Russians have dirt on Hillary. In May, he and Manafort discuss how to best get that information. Either nothing further comes of this, it is assumed the meeting with the Russian lawyer is the information and the pursuit ends by the June meeting, or the end result of this interaction is classified. To date, nothing more has been released in relation to this potential lead. Note that both Manafort and Gates were neck deep in illegal activity years before any association with Trump or his campaign.


And we go deeper. Paul Manafort, Richard Gates, Vin Weber, and Tony Podesta were all swept up in this arrest which is actually completely unrelated to the Trump campaign. It has 100% to do with a lobbying effort they made on behalf of a pro-Russian Ukrainian political party back in 2012. This also implicates Podesta Group. John Podesta then steps down from him, his brother Tony, and Weber's lobbying group. The Podesta Group.


Unfortunately, because Carter Page would also be put under a FISA warrant during the campaign, there was no electronic communications or conversations that could be had near most electronic devices that could not be monitored. It is of note that Carter Page is an undercover FBI informant, regardless of his denials. If he was, he would not be to admit that fact. The warrant was not taken out until Page stopped working with the Trump campaign, but would reveal all communication up to Trump's inauguration.


An important point to note, a FISA warrant can only be used against individuals suspected of being foreign spies. The FBI was therefor accusing an undercover informant, and Naval Academy graduate of being a foreign spy, in pursuit of terrorism or espionage. The justification for a FISA warrant would then include some sort of reason to believe that Carter Page was going to attempt to give American government information to a foreign power illegally. Included here is the arrest of Papadopoulos for lying to the FBI about contacts with a Maltese professor in London who told him Russians had dirt on Hillary. Joseph Misfud, the professor, seems only to have “Russian connections” due to his academic work as a diplomacy lecturer, previous work at an international law firm, and travels related to both jobs. An NPR report claims that any assertions about Hillary's emails being hacked by Russians that Joseph reported to Papadopoulos (which were wide-spread rumors on social media at the time), or assertions of Joseph's high level connections to the Kremlin were grossly overstated.


Papadopoulos has been otherwise cooperating since July.


  • Evidence ten, Flynn is arrested by the FBI over lying about contacts with Russia

Trevor makes the only good joke of the piece, making fun of Flynn's comment "If I did 1/10th of what she did, I'd be in jail today" at the Republican National Convention. But what Trevor does not do is delve into his contacts with Russians. Why? Who? About what? Israel, at the direction of Benjamin Netanyahu himself, through the Israeli ambassador, contacted the Trump team to ask for their help in getting a UN vote on Israeli settlements blocked. Flynn then reaches out to the Russians on their behalf. Obama was warned of this, with Benjamin Netanyahu telling him explicitly he would contact Trump if Obama refused to take his side.


Flynn would later be contacted by the Russian ambassador about the new Russian sanctions. After consulting with campaign staff, he replies that Russia should moderate their tone. Moderating their tone means to avoid any further provocative actions, and is the equivalent of saying “just calm down”. This is nothing special at all. Flynn is noted for having taking money from RT which a “Russian propaganda outlet”. This accusation is well recorded as being predicated on RT's coverage of Black Lives Matter protests and Occupy Wall Street protests. Payments from Kaspersky Lab are also used to sow more Russian fears.


Kaspersky Lab software is widely used by governments around the world, until recently when it was claimed to be used to steal information from a single American NSA employee who improperly stored data on a home computer running Kaspersky Lab software. It is noted that Mossad used a sophisticated program coined Duqu 2.0, based on Duqu malware that had previously been used to attempt a hack of Kaspersky and on Stuxnet. Using this malware, Mossad was able to program in back-doors to Kaspersky software, steal users information, and spy on UN meetings.


To note is that around this same time, Kaspersky Lab outed the “Equation Group”, which is the most sophisticated hacking group in the world, as being NSA.


Problem being, the claim by Mossad about Kaspersky is hard to take at face value. Since Kaspersky is one of the leading anti-virus developers, they routinely dissect CIA/NSA and Mossad hacking tools, exposing the most sophisticated government researched malware to the world. The conflict of interest made between agencies attempting hide their activities, and the ones trying to expose them is real. The biggest issue is that it is possible for the CIA/NSA through the program HIVE, to cover their tracks and make it look as if they had been anyone they wanted to be, including Kaspersky Lab. It is entirely possible that BOTH the CIA/NSA and Mossad had hacked Kaspersky since they had access to the same level of sophisticated malware.


What else did Flynn do besides getting caught up in that mess? He contacted the Russian ambassador in order to begin a discussion about how they could work together to fight ISIS in Syria.


The real issue with Flynn was the plot he was building to perform an extraordinary rendition of Fethullah Gülen, while lobbying on behalf of the Turkish government.


As usual, things get weird. In the 90's Gulen was brought to the US under Bill Clinton and then FBI director Robert Mueller. It is noted by Wikileaks that Gulen runs a worldwide network of schools used as a cover to launder money, move CIA agents and other people around inconspicuously, and ultimately incite Islamic rebellion in Turkey. This is confirmed by Sybil Edmund, and several US government employees in communications provided to Wikileaks. Flynn's extradition of Gulen would therefore undermine a CIA operation going on for almost 40 years.


Flynn also undermined the narrative of the US government around Syria, noting the US armed and supported various groups, knowing full well it would inevitably form some sort of terrorist group similar to Al Queda. That group would call themselves ISIS.


At this point, the claims of a deep-state battle being waged seem to be given credence.


  • Evidence eleven, Steve Bannon is used as evidence that Trump colluded because Don Jr didn't tell FBI about the meeting with the lawyer.

Trevor makes fun of Bannon as being a lizard, yet claims we should take him at his word. Trevor then shows tweets of Trump eviscerating Steve Bannon's life in a way most of us wish we could do to his face. Trevor concludes with reminding us Steve Bannon is a Nazi. This part is confusing because the conventional wisdom is that anything out of Steve Bannon or Britbart is taken by the left as an absolute falsehood. Again, in this unique case, Bannon is to be taken as trustworthy. This would be dissonance of the highest level.


I'm still begging the question, what does any of this have to do with Trump colluding with Russia, being sold out, or bought? To go deeper? It looks as if the only reason that the Trump dossier got to the DOJ and FBI is because Bruce Ohr, former Assistant Deputy Attorney General, was married to Nellie Ohr, an ex-CIA agent working for FusionGPS.


But that's just evidence used to prove that people in DC hated Trump and would latch onto anything. Biased as all hell or not, it does not prove or disprove anything. We are left with one avenue here for Trump collusion, money. It is clear that Trump has deep roots in Russian business.


But that makes him as corrupt as any hedge fund manager, oil executive, big pharma CEO, or defense contractor who will act to personally profit or do corporate bidding in office. How is this different in anyway from Dick Cheney, who took millions of dollars in a severance pack from Halliburton? Well, Halliburton got huge contracts to mine Iraqi oil fields after the Iraq war settled down in 2011.


Dig more into the Prevezon case? It settled for $6 million after 4 years in court and an initial amount of $14 million being sought by prosecutors. The defense for Prevezon was mounted by a former FBI Director.


Preet Bharara was initially the prosecutor but was forced by Trump to step down along with many other prosecutors. Joon Kim took over for Bharara and arrived at the settlement. Joon had been sought out by Bharara to work under him, working with him for several years before this occurred.


One cannot go much deeper into this. Trump had no impact on the outcome of the trial at all. He pursued a personal vendetta that was incidentally connected, but that would be it. Here the only real collusion seems to be on the part of FusionGPS, in their quest to work with Prevezon to discredit Browder and therefore the Magnitsky Act, getting sanctions on Russia lifted. The Trump team refused to be a party to this.



I insist on finding out what Trump has done, but the connection to Russia seems to be a dead end. Looking into Syria, Trump launched an attack on Syria without any evidence to indicate the Syrian government was to blame. Meaning Trump took action to destabilize the Syrian government, contrary to Russian desires.


On top of that strike, which is widely publicized and the only reason I mention it, the US has delivered a number of strikes against which have killed Russian troops and Syrian troops. One of the more recent strikes has killed 100+ Russians, who actively did not return fire or initiate fire. They reportedly moved into territory the US military told them not to in order to “test” the US military's reaction. Once the bombing began, it was stated that the troops fled the area without returning fire in fear of provoking more bombing.


The Russian government claims these troops were acting independently. This is likely true, these troops were reported by both the US and Russian media to be mercenaries working for a group called Wagner. Wagner is akin to Blackwater in the US. These troops were supposedly hired by Assad to protect oil rich areas from falling under foreign control.


Wagner was also involved in the conflict in Ukraine. Wagner worked with Russian troops in the annexation of the Crimea, then separately from Russian troops to assist the pro-Russian rebels in the Donbass. Wagner is accused of being responsible for the attack on flight MH17, which killed over 200 Dutch. Relevance? The Dutch report alleging Russian hacking references flight MH17 twice, even thought the article was published 3 ½ years after the attack. It references MH17 only to point out the downing occurred after the State Department hack, and using that fact to establish an arbitrary date for the hack whilst the actual date of the hack had long been made public. It then comes back to MH17 only say that while Dutch intelligence received assistance from the US in thanks for their help, it was not clear if any information about MH17 was acquired. That would indicate a psi-op, making a summary of the article “remember those Russians who shot down MH17? They also hacked America!” Curiously, the information used to substantiate the “Russian hack” narrative all comes from sources with heavy anti-Russian biases.


This is all beneficial to Israel, who has occupied a portion of Syrian territory in the Golan Heights for decades. It not only reduces the international influence of Iran, but weakens and distracts from the Syrian claim to the Golan Heights. The UN resolution Trump attempted to have Russia and others veto would have been a step toward returning occupied territory to Syria and others.


Why do the Israeli's care about the Golan? It is a great buffer territory to hold, separating them from Syria who has taken aggressive military action against Israel in the past. Of course there is another reason, the vast oil deposits discovered in the area. Able to produce enough oil to meet all Israeli needs for years.


The UN resolution Trump lobbied foreign governments to veto would have been a step toward Israel returning occupied territory and restoring the 1967 borders drawn by the UN.


Trump's efforts here clearly constitute a crime he has committed, a violation of the Logan Act: “Any citizen of the United States, wherever he may be, who, without authority of the United States, directly or indirectly commences or carries on any correspondence or intercourse with any foreign government or any officer or agent thereof, with intent to influence the measures or conduct of any foreign government or of any officer or agent thereof, in relation to any disputes or controversies with the United States, or to defeat the measures of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both. This section shall not abridge the right of a citizen to apply himself, or his agent, to any foreign government, or the agents thereof, for redress of any injury which he may have sustained from such government or any of its agents or subjects.” The Logan Act essentially establishes the need for US citizens to declare themselves as agents of a foreign government in order to lobby on their behalf. Trump clearly violated this in his direct communications with Benjamin Netanyahu, and attempts to lobby foreign governments undermining the negotiations of Barack Obama. This is a felony offense, an impeachable offense, and should have prevented Trump from taking office.


This allegation seems provable in court but the more that can be levied into this charge the better. What other relations does Trump have with Israel? Back in 2013, during the early years of the Syrian Civil War, Israel granted drilling right to the Golan to Genie Energy. Right around Trump's inauguration, Genie Energy finalized plans to begin drilling in the Golan after a series of exploratory projects.


Lets learn a little bit more about Genie Energy. Genie Energy's board of strategic advisers includes Dick Cheney, Rupert Murdoch, Michael Reinhardt, Jacob Rothschild, James Woolsey, Lawrence Summers, and Bill Richardson. An assortment of former government officials, a former CIA director, the owner of worlds second largest media conglomerate, a major hedge fund manager, and a member of the world's most prominent banking family. James Woolsey served on the Trump transition team.


Rupert Murdoch has been deeply involved in Syrian destabilization through his media conglomerate pushing the story of the White Helmets in the UK,


And in the US.


The White Helmets is a sham organization started by an ex-MI6 agent that has gotten substantial support from western governments. White helmets operate exclusively in territory held by Al Nusra Front. The only western reporting done on the White Helmets relies exclusively on content provided by the White Helmets themselves. Western media ignores the fact that the White Helmets are funded by the same government powers that armed, trained, financed and directed the Syrian “rebels” as outlined previously by Seymour Hersh and in the Snowden leaks. Searching in western media, one will find repeated claims that discredit reporters like Eva Bartlett who have actually been on the ground in Syria. The flaw in these claims, as already stated, is that no western media organization as been able to independently verify claims made by the White Helmets through reporters in Syria. Every piece of evidence used by western media to discredit any contradictory claims made against the White Helmets narrative comes directly from the White Helmets themselves and from known members of Al Nusra Front. The White Helmets have also been the source of every claim of chemical weapons use in Syria.


At the time of the Presidential transition; Ira Greenstein, who is a long time friend of the Kushner's, was also the President of Genie Energy. Ira Greenstein served on the Presidential transition team and assisted Jared Kushner in interviewing many Trump staff and appointees. While Ira had no direct decision making authority, as stated, he was a long time family friend of Jared Kushner. Genie Energy began donating to the Trump campaign shortly after the oil reserves were discovered in the Golan. The Trump campaign was also heavily supported by Robert Mercer, a major share holder in Britbart news and in Genie Energy. Another major shareholder is BlackRock, the largest finance corporation in the world which posts millions of dollars in donations to American politicians.


Murdoch has business ties with an Israeli billionaire accused of bribing Netanyahu.


This billionaire is an ex-Israeli agent who worked in a secret government program to acquire nuclear materials and alleged used his position to support the apartheid government of South Africa in exchange for Uranium.


It seems to me that there is a legitimate case here to be made for Trump collusion with the Israeli government AND for taking bribes in the form of campaign donations and media influence. It is difficult to dig further at this point, so next return the attention to Turkey. Flynn was clearly lobbying on behalf of Turkey while not registering as a foreign agent, and the Trump Administration then cut funding to Syrian Kurdish fighters who have been fighting ISIS.


In fact, it was a direct result of Flynn's lobbying effort that Obama's plan to “green light” ongoing arming of Syrian Kurds was postponed, and ultimately rejected by Trump.


The Kurdish people have long sought their own nation state, instead being divided between Iraq, Syria, Turkey, and Iran. They are minorities in each country, and are persecuted in each country. The British first promised an autonomous region for the Kurds during World War 1. This promise was broken.


Breaking support for the Kurds has since empowered Turkey to claim part of Syrian territory in what is shaping into an effort to divide up Syria. Trump is now responsible for defending the Kurds from the country who was illegally bribing his campaign.


There's now two detailed cases against Trump, but there is still Saudi Arabia to go. Trump admits himself that Saudi's have bought properties worth millions of dollars from him.


Trump has used his real estate empire to accept large amounts of money from Saudi Arabia while president. He did claim that this money would then be donated to charity.


Trump has previously used his own charities to funnel money into his businesses in the past, meaning this cannot be trusted.


On top of all that, Saudi's own an entire floor of Trump Tower, of which they have paid millions of dollars in the past two decades.


This is consistent Saudi policy, having given millions to the Bush's, the Clinton's, Reagan, Carter and now Trump.


Due to Trump's conflict of interest, it is easy to see the corruption involved in giving the Saudi's the largest military arms deal in history. All to perpetuate genocide in Yemen.


There is now collusion, bribery, conspiracy, and a host of illegal foreign dealing associated with Trump. But Russia? Trump took a massive loan in 2005 of around $600 million from Deutsche Bank, a German Bank know for investing in large capital ventures. After the 2008 crash, he found himself unable to pay $300 million in loans. This was nothing new for Trump who was unable to get loans from American banks due to his consistency in not repaying debts. Deutsche Bank opened its first Russian branch in 2005 by acquiring a bank chaired by an American financier and Boris Yeltsan, former US backed president of Russia. Their first move was to recruit operatives who had government influence in order to begin a money laundering operation using Russian state-owned businesses. From the previous discussion of Magnitsky uncovering $230 million in tax evasion, this would be an extremely lucrative business venture. Deutsche Bank would continue to loan money to Trump, registering his debt as around $300 million. Jared Kushner would also get loaned over $100 million.


This ordeal is as much a smoking gun as possible. But does it really have to do with Russian collusion? The operation run through Deutsche Bank was intended to launder money both from illegal activities and into offshore bank accounts. Of which Donald Trump is absolutely guilty, and so are multiple members of his cabinet.


This sets up Wilbur Ross, Secretary of Commerce, to look very bad for holdings in a offshore company that does business with Russian state-owned companies headed by close relatives of Putin. But specifically “Russian” collusion or is there more to it? Stopping at this point might create that appearance, however, I insist one goes deeper. Putin and his family also have massive holdings in offshore bank accounts. Some estimate the Putin family's offshore wealth at over $200 billion, but at an absolute minimum his family holds over $2 billion.


What about the history of Deutsche Bank? Recently Deutsche Bank has payed out over $1 billion in fines for currency manipulation.


Deutsche Bank has also made headlines for its manipulation of the price of gold over a number of years with the assistance of several international banking institutions.


Deutsche Bank has also been caught up in laundering hundreds of millions of dollars for Colombian drug cartels.


Not to mention they were in fact caught in a Russian money laundering scheme.


And caught up in a multi-billion dollar scheme to package and sell subprime mortgages in the US.


And a scheme to manipulate global interest rates.


At this point its time to take stock of what we have here. Is there evidence for “Russian collusion”? Yes, but only from a limited perspective were one assumes that Russia is pulling the strings in the international banking world. This assertion clearly cannot hold water due to the fact that Deutsche Bank is responsible for laundering trillions of dollars the world over, manipulating interest markets, currency markets, the futures market, bundling subprime mortgages, evading taxes, and helping the millionaire/billionaire class hide money in overseas tax havens. In the scope of their global reach, a $10+ billion money laundering scheme in Russia looks like a child's lemonade stand. Why does collusion not add up? Trump did not collude with a nation-state, he colluded with an international bank which used its global ties to insert Trump into a massive and ongoing global money laundering scheme. Trump was unfortunately nothing but a pawn in the game of international banking. Why Deutsche Bank? As claimed by Trump himself, US banks would no longer work with him due to his bad habit of not caring to pay back debt. Guess what? Almost every international bank has been caught up in similar types of scandals, but that is beside the point. An interesting question to pose: If Trump has never in his life cared about paying his debt and brags about being the king of debt, what all of a sudden caused this change in Trump? Because if Trump were to be “colluding” as some sort of non monetary return on investment, he would have to care about his debts first. Something Trump has never done. So, collusion with the Russians? Absolutely not. Deutsche Bank has total assets of almost $1.6 trillion around the world.


Russia's GDP is smaller than this, at just over $1.5 trillion. GDP of course is not a strong comparison to total assets, but clearly Russia is the small fish in this international banking relationship. But maybe the sale of a mansion from Trump to a Russian oligarch is collusion. In 2008, Trump sold a property in Palm Beach for $95 million dollars which he originally purchased in 2005 for $41.35 million.


Two things to note, Dmitry Rybolovlev held large amounts of money with Mossack Fonseca in offshore tax havens (same as Trump) and he made multiple real estate purchases around the world in the same order of magnitude.


So Trump profited considerably from a Russian oligarch to the tune of almost $44 million? A Trump employee claimed he spent $25 million in renovations (Trump claims it was really $3 million, who knows) and paid over $1.5 million in property taxes during the time he had the property. The average home value appreciated by about 16% in that time window. Assuming a 16% increase in value, plus $25 million in renovations, making up the property tax bill, and adding a 6% commission, that would put the bare minimum price for Trump to break even at about $75 million dollars. Its likely there were more costs associated with this property. Generally speaking, one should expect to spend 1% of a homes value per year in upkeep, meaning $400k. By those estimations, Trump would likely need to sell at closer to $78.5 million before turning a profit at the time of sale. Trump listed the property in 2006 at $125 million. In 2008, Trump lowered his asking price to $100 million. Dmitry put in an initial offer of $75 million, and eventually the two agreed to a $95 million dollar price. After capital gains tax, Trump likely made out with about $14 million in profit.


Was this payment for some form of collusion made nine years before taking office? A fee for his participation in Russian money laundering? Unfortunately NO. Dmitry is looking to end up $13 million in the black after a ten year project rezoning and selling the property. Dmitry has also gotten quite a reputation for himself for attempting to either hide money from his spouse or just plain getting plain ripped off. The former is certainly possible due to the pair sharing the same offshore bank. At this point I struggle to find anymore leads to dig into.


My conclusions:

  • Did Trump collude with Russia? NO, but he clearly has monetary conflicts of interest

  • Did Trump collude with Turkey? YES

  • Did Trump collude with Israel? YES

  • Did Trump collude with Saudi Arabi? NO, but he clearly has monetary conflicts of interest

  • Did Trump collude with the big banks? YES, just like Obama