Tax Reform

  1. Reduce property taxes through alternative revenue sources
  2. Tax on a new multi-billion dollar recreational Cannabis industry
  3. La Salle Street Tax, on financial market trades
  4. Change from a flat income tax to a Graduated Tax system
  5. Renewable energy paid 100% through taxes
  6. Reduce prison population, Lower tax burden, More tax payers
  7. Tuition free college, better jobs, better wages, more tax revenue
  8. Public Bank for student loan refinancing

Medicare For All

  1. Save money on advertising over private insurance
  2. Save money on administrative staff over private insurance
  3. Save money on executive pay over private insurance
  4. Save money by creating the largest possible risk brackets
  5. Save money though collective bargaining for pharmaceuticals
  6. Save hospitals and independent physicians on administrative costs
  7. Maximize revenue through investment/reinvestment in index funds

Election Reform

  1. Rank Choice Voting
  2. Equal Ballot Accessibility to all parties and independents
  3. End Dark Money AKA Super PAC Money
  4. Limit party contributions to campaigns, Say no to party anointments
  5. End rampant corruption

Climate Change

  1. Commit Illinois to Paris Climate Accords and push further
  2. Commit Illinois to ending all use of fossil fuels
  3. Make fracking Illegal in Illinois
  4. Establish a time table to end all pipelines in Illinois
  5. Make all households energy independents through Solar, Wind, Hydroelectric, and in-home batteries
  6. Create a stable long term program to phase out and all nuclear power plants and clean up all nuclear waste
  7. New regulations to reduce pesticide/herbicide/antibiotic use
  8. New regulations to reduce the use of plastics, especially in food products
  9. New public transportation initiatives
  10. Keep our lakes and rivers clean, Illinois is a part of the largest fresh water reserve on the planet, don't squander our resources

21st Century of Energy

  1. A solar panel and wind turbine on every roof
  2. Hydroelectric power through rain water collection
  3. Hydroelectric power from waste water disposal
  4. End inefficient power generation practices
  5. Securing the future for the end fossil fuels
  6. Energy Independence, Break off the grid
  7. Nuclear has got to go, stop wasting our money
  8. Stable energy prices

Criminal Justice Reform

  1. Community Policing
  2. Refocus Officer Training
  3. Reduce the Prison Population
  4. End "School to Prison Pipeline"
  5. Fight Crime by Building Communities
  6. Train More Public Defenders, Better Access, Lower Case Loads
  7. End Pay Bail
  8. Job Training and Education, Back to Society Better
  9. A Pathway to Rebuilding A Life
  10. End Prison Slave Labor On the Taxpayers Dime

Gun Control

  1. Only militias subject to independent monitors allowed to own assault weapons
  2. Define assault weapons as any long gun with at least one of the following features: retractable stock, pistol grip, barrel shroud, detachable magazine or bayonet clip
  3. License firearms in a similar way as vehicles
  4. Monthly limits on purchases of firearms and ammuniton
  5. Special considerations for hobby shooters and hunters
  6. Electronic data base merging all police, FBI, and military databases
  7. Universal checks for all firearm sales private or otherwise
  8. Government firearm buy back program
  9. Ammunition regulation
  10. Increased monitoring of individual firearm owners while transitioning on and off psychotropic medication and other pharmaceuticals with similar side effects