Every donations helps, and a lot more than you might think.  $20 can be 50 campaign pins, $15 could be 100 color print tri-fold flyers, every $5 is another road/yard sign with mounts (the mount actually costs more than the sign itself, metal vs plastic, go figure). Lets get the word out one door, one flyer, one person at a time!


Become a Member of my Patreon!

Why Patreon..? Patreon is a great way for people to capitalize on small donations! But its more than that.  Patreon allows ANYONE to see ALL of my donors, and to see the type of people who donate to my campaign through each individual donors profile.  Because patreon is a monthly donation service, it also allows me to establish an income for my campaign.  That income is 100% publicly available simply by viewing my Patreon Page! Why is that important though?  Transparency aside, this will allow me to easily show my income stream if I choose to apply for a campaign loan, and to properly budget my campaign going forward! PLUS, by requesting such a low amount, I have to find MORE donors to increase my income stream, instead of just asking existing donors for more and more money.  I'd rather raise a million dollars from a million people than million dollars from a thousand people!  Its not about the money, its about the support! All I ask is for everyone to invest $1 in the Revolution!