My name is Aaron Goldberg

I am running for Congress in Illinois 10th

I am running for a simple reason: either we as a society have forgotten our history; or everyone knows it, and nobody says anything. Lets start with a few examples

John McCain ISIS.jpg

Remember the time John McCain went on a secret trip to Syria in 2013 and met with “moderate rebels” like Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, the future caliph of the Islamic State?

McCain AlQaeda ISIS.jpg
GWB Texas book depository.jpg

Remember the time George Herbert Walker Bush was hanging out in front of the Texas School Book Repository on November 22nd, 1963?

HW Bush Texas Book Depository.jpg
gladio meme.jpg

Remember the time JFK rejected a plan from the joint chiefs of staff to use foreign nationals/ex-patriots to conduct a terror campaign against Americans alongside coordinated false flag events that would be promoted through controlled media outlets?

mockingbird meme.jpg

Remember the time NAZI resistance groups were organized as stay behind armies with weapon caches all across Europe by NATO after WW2, and were encouraged to conduct domestic terror campaigns in a ‘strategy of tension’?

Remember the time both presidential candidates were members of a college secret society started in the 1800’s by opium smugglers who used to work for the Russell Company, at a university started by a man who was an opium smuggler for the British East India Company?

Warren Delano more.JPG

Remember the time Americans had a real ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ to choose from?

Remember the time America funded and supported the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia?

wall street and the bolshevik revolution.jpg

Remember the time the US military shot down Flight 93?

flight 93.jpg

Remember the time three buildings were brought down in NYC by controlled demolitions?

It seems there is a lot America has forgotten about

bohemian grove nixon reagan.png

One might begin to think that this is on purpose